Conditions of use

The Client agrees to use the vehicle in accordance with the following rules of use:
  • The vehicle must not be used in contravention to traffic regulation. If the Lessor has to pay fines due the Renter's braking traffic regulations, these will be billed to the Renter, which has the obligation to pay them in 15 days after the billing date.
  • The vehicle cannot be used to transport passengers or property for remuneration.
  • The vehicle cannot be used to illegally transport passengers or property.
  • The vehicle cannot be used as a drive school vehicle.
  • The vehicle cannot be used against the manufacturer's usage instructions.
  • The vehicle can only be driven by the renter or another person mentioned in the renting contract.
  • The vehicle cannot be used to tow another vehicle or object without the Lessor's written permission.
  • The vehicle cannot be driven by the Renter or any other driver if he is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics, barbiturates or any other substance impairing his consciousness or ability to react.
  • The vehicle cannot be repaired in a service other than one selected and authorized by the Lessor.
  • The vehicle cannot be used in any in any race, performance test or contest.
  • The vehicle must not be left with the keys in contact, doors/windows/boot opened
  • The Client agrees to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as delivered.
  • If the vehicle suffer any damage due to bad use, the Lessor reserves the right to bill the Renter for the cost of repairing the damage.
  • The Renter cannot sell, re-rent or use the vehicle as collateral.
  • The vehicle cannot be used outside Serifos island.